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10.31.07  Issue XXIX/ Vol. 6

Daughters of the Dirt / Sarah Higdon

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how we started, who we are, what we want

by Robin Bradford
Spike's Point  
by Spike Gillespie
Mom and Pop Culture
by Marrit Ingman

Domestic Disturbance
by Melissa Lipscomb

Letters from Midlife
by Stephen J. Lyons 

Shaken and Stirred
by Adrienne Martini
Pop Rocks
by Michael Nabert
Bad Mom
by Amy Silverman
A Little More on Your Plate
by C. Jeanette Tyson

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For forty-plus years Iíve gripped tight on the rope of desire, a rip cord in case things donít work out as planned. Yet, when I watch my son perform his new hockey shot as the sun shines his hair golden through the leaves, or wake at dawn to my body arching with desire for the familiar one next to me, or just wait at a red light and feel the breeze through the open window, I gain courage. I open my hand and let go of my escape plan. And a funny thing happens. The tug-of-war that longing has on me tumbles away. Suddenly, it is clear to me: I have plenty.

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by Amy Silverman

One night, the phone rang. It was the surgeon. I held my breath... and my tongue.  He was quiet for a moment, looking at the calendar, figuring out anesthesia, an operating room. Then he had a question. ďDo you celebrate Halloween?Ē

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Have you checked out the blog this week? Lots of bloggidy goodness going on over there.  Like:

"at night i like to lay near my husband, who lays on his back, with my hand across his scapula, fingers resting on his pulse. i sense the blood moving across his neck, making him alive. that blood must flow, it is what makes us alive. mortality is as apparent at 10 pm as it is other times."

"today was a fortune in the eyes of the night before. this morning i manifested new friends yet i already dread the long night ahead, for my near future is full of boxes, some taped by the very hand i rode upon the night before the end of my life in austin. to unpack them is to remember foolish endeavors and the present hijinks...it's absurd, really, to expend any effort trying to understand how i got here or why i came. hey you--yeah YOU. i know i created this. and it's not because i like to be in pain. i'm just looking for my bliss, man, and all that matters now is the assimilation of fact and the proof of my existence is all around to remind me that it must be done. i don't like being connected to a mess or accused of being tiresome. i don't judge others for their wanderings or for being lost...i been TCB on my own for some time now and i got sidekicks to think about. mama's tired and confused...i wanna be the only one sometimes, that's all.

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The Merry Widow / Sarah Higdon 

blood, snot, poo, vomit
no, these donít bother me now,
kids blunt my senses.
~Catherine Calhoun

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Blue Bonnet Spring / Sarah Higdon

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